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We are professional process consultants with over twenty-four years' experience. We have industrial experience in process design, process operation, process optimization and process troubleshooting. Our team has participated in over 150 studies and projects serving different industrial sectors, such as oil & gas, power/utilities, decarbonization, energy-transition, water/desalination, food processing, and development & research. ChemProcess is a neutral technology diagnostic firm for gas processing, carbon capture & solvent/chemical reclamation. Our team members hold Bachelor of Science, Master of Science, and Doctor of Philosophy degrees in Chemical and Industrial Engineering. Our team is also certified by Project Management Institute (PMI). 

Representative in Africa, Turkey & Cyprus

ChemProcess Consulting & Services Ltd. is the Representative of Optimized Gas Treating, Inc.  and their products in all African countries including Turkey and CyprusOptimized Gas Treating, Inc. provides:

Optimized Gas Treating (OGT) products are:

Downlaod OGT Brochure 20220711202813_OGT-ProTreat--SulphurPro.pdf ( 

OGT tools can be used on modeling these processes:

  Crude Oil Refining: Gas & LPG treating, Caustic Treating, SWS

  LNG Feed Pretreating: (formulated MDEA, DGA, proprietary solvents)

  Physical Solvents: (DMPEG)

  Hybrid Solvents: Sulfolane blends, chemical and physical functioning solvent.

  Syngas: Ammonia and Hydrogen Production, activated MDEA and Hot-Pot with promoters.

  Flue Gas: Carbon Capture & Sequestration (MEA, MDEA, PZ, AMP blends and glycinates, hybrid solvent)

  Refining & Gas Processing: Sulphur Recovery and Tail Gas, MDEA and proprietary solvents

  Gas Conditioning: generic amine sweetening MEA, DEA, MDEA, TEA and proprietary solvents

  Dehydration: MEG, DEG, TEG, and Methanol

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We provide technical consulting and services to our clients in the following area: 

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We are here to serve your facilities or next project. The goal is to achieve excellent results. If you require any further information or wish to hire us for a project or study, please feel free to reach out to us via or complete the Contact Us form below.  

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We serve the following industries 

Oil & Gas Surface Production
(Upstream Operations)

Oil & Gas Processing
(Downstream Operations)

Desalination & Water Treatment (Utility Sector)

Engineering (EPC) Firms, Research Centers & Universities

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